“Vietnam is a hub of business process outsourcing along with IT outsourcing. It’s an excellent complement for multinational corporations managing big datasets and looking for data cleansing ahead of software development.” – Forbes

Vietnam has emerged with a rising tech talent pool: the many key factors attributed to this growth include an increase in STEM education, economic policies that encourage domestic and international entrepreneurs, and investments by private tech companies. The fruits of the combined labor of government and private investment are an increasingly skilled workforce that has pegged Vietnam as the technology hub for Southeast Asia. There is a great potential within the Vietnamese tech workforce that will greatly benefit companies throughout the world.

The tech industry demand for talent presents many opportunities for a workforce like Vietnam’s and presents a unique resource for companies across the globe. While India has been a primary outsourcing focus, Vietnam presents itself as a viable contender for the world’s market.

Vietnam currently has around 250,000 engineers, the number of tech jobs having doubled over the last three years. Despite salaries “shooting up” recently, Vietnam’s IT labor costs are estimated to be 40% less expensive than in China and India, according to VN Express.

Turing plans to close the gap between Silicon Valley companies and the relatively untapped tech workforce in Vietnam. At the touch of a button, customers have the benefit of finding the ideal candidates that will develop their products. 

Turing has built the first labor marketplace based on Artificial Intelligence to provide a scalable team of elite, pre-vetted, remote software developers to Silicon Valley companies. Turing’s AI analyzes data from various sources to build rich developer profiles and then matches them with companies looking for engineers. The company believes remote teams are the key to solving the tech challenges and delivering accelerated development.

We believe Vietnam will become a technology hub not just for Southeast Asia but across the emerging world. We’re working hard – like the talented entrepreneurs we support – to help make that happen.” – 500 Startups Vietnam

500 Startups Vietnam has invested in Turing to help talent in Vietnam get access to opportunities and make an impact on the global tech market. The joint effort will not only provide an easy way to pair entrepreneurs with Vietnam’s tech workforce, but also further the connections to an eager global market. 

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