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February 2019 Newsletter

Bản tin tháng 2/2019

Image: A Đông Hồ folk woodcut painting in process Hello all, We all just got back from our Lunar New Year break and are thrilled to start the Year of the Pig. According to the Chinese zodiac and Vietnamese aunties & uncles, the Pig represents good fortune and...

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More on Saola Accelerator

Về Saola Accelerator

Image: 500 Seed Accelerator Batch 23This is a “saola”, a long-horned ox so rare that it’s often called an “Asian unicorn.” (nevermind that it has two horns!). Saolas are found almost exclusively in Vietnam.I believe there are other Asian unicorns to be found in...

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January 2019 Newsletter

Bản tin tháng 1/2019

The rare saola, or Asian unicorn, in its natural habitat in Vietnam Happy New Year! We’re excited about 2019, but first a quick look back at 2018: Ever-higher funding for Vietnamese startups! Preliminary research and analysis by Topica Founder Institute found more...

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December 2018 Newsletter

December 2018 Newsletter

Friends of 500, As we hurtle into the holiday season, our team members are taking time to reflect on the journey so far and what lies in the future. In November, we announced the final close of our fund at $14M. When we set the target at $10M in 2016, Vietnam was not...

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November 2018 Newsletter

Bản tin tháng 11/2018

Panel discussion with members of Forbes’s “Midas List” of leading venture capitalists at 500’s annual VC industry conference, PreMoney. Photo: Sumit Kohli @sreelphoto Hi all, At the beginning of October, we held our annual global LP meeting as well as our annual VC...

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